Triple Glazing

The extra glass panel on our Triple glazed unit reflects more heat back into your home, making it more comfortable for you and cutting your heating bills. You notice the difference straightway once fitted in your windows

If you want a warm home which is more energy efficient, triple glazed windows are the perfect choice. They also give you best acoustic performance with excellent sound insulation properties compared to double glazing with lesser noise coming in & giving you increased security.

Our triple glazed windows will not only make your home feel warmer & comfortable, they’ll also give it facelift to your property. Our triple glazed window glass units configure as follows:

4/6/4/6/4 – 4mm Float glass pane (outside), 6mm Argon gas filled cavity, 4mm glass pane (centre), 6mm Argon filled cavity, 4mm Float glass pane (inside) with Soft Coating on inner layer