Energy Efficiency

In today’s world where Global Warming is a major issues you can reduce your carbon footprint and heating bills with our energy-efficient windows. We're always at the forefront of technology and recent advances mean our energy-saving windows are more effective than ever.

Energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint is important to many customers. To help you compare the effectiveness of each of our energy efficient windows, we use the energy ratings system developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), which is the UK’s nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. The BFRC scheme is used in Building Regulations to show compliance for window replacements; to comply, every window must achieve a C rating or above.

Our REHAU uPVC windows achieve an A rating as standard - meaning that they gain more of the suns free energy than they lose through thermal transmittance. Ratings of A+ and A++ are also possible on our uPVC windows in combination with triple glazed options and other glass specifications

All our uPVC double glazing windows achieve an A rating as standard. The higher the rating, the more energy your windows save, which not only makes your home warmer, but helps to keep your heating bills lower. There’s environmental benefits, too. By consuming less energy to heat your home, you’ll also be reducing your CO2 emissions.

Switching from single glazing to our A rated energy saving double glazed windows will save money and significantly reduce heat loss. Even replacing older double glazed windows to our modern A rated double glazed windows will make a difference. For all round energy performance as well as other benefits, such as better soundproofing and security, you can choose triple glazed windows, which also achieve up to an A++ rating.